Now , i am at the hospital πŸ˜‘(i feel very well but my aunt is a doctor so i follow by her)

I feel dizzy πŸ˜• This is the very first time for me. FuckπŸ˜‘


Happy 6th year Anniversary

Happy 6th year Anniversary
Pls smile always like sunshine and
stay happy and healthy for the whole life❀
I swear my life becomes really meaningful when i started to love u. I promise i try the best to get closer.

I’ll Honestly Truly Completely Love You.

My 2018 Resolution

From now on, i’m going to do effective things for my life.

First of all , I ‘ve been interesting in Languages. So i’m planning to learn from all websites ( novels , webtoons, manga, animes, facebook pages, insta, twitter, etc) .

Second, From today I’ll start reading all thing in English as much as i can.

The last thing is I’ll help my mother as much as i can.

I promise y’ll, i will do the best